Relationship to District:

  • Attends monthly District Business Meetings.
  • Is a voting member.
  • Maintains a published website at www.aamainedistrict6.org
  • Maintains & renews domain name registration & hosting subscription which is due on June 14th of each year.
  • Maintains and protects Login and Password credentials for such site and provides the district Chair with a copy of these credentials for duplication purposes.
  • Request funding from the District each year at the appropriate time.
  • Provides a report at each District Meeting:
    1. Number of hit for last month
    2. Changes made for the website last month
    3. New announcements, meeting list , etc. posted
    4. Asks for updates or new information from the floor
  • Gets direction from District, District Chair and Groups.
  • Maintains Email addresses for District 6 members and group GSRs as they request them.
  • Tests website monthly to be sure that all links work properly and that all information is up to date.
  • Checks the Webmaster@aamainedistrict6.org email address at least twice a week.
  • Request for other website committee members to help out when needed.
  • Train / pass duties and info to next Webmaster, i.e. 2 month transition period.

Relationship to Area:

  • Communicates with the Maine Area 28 and CSO webmasters as needed making sure that any information posted on their website about District 6 is correct.

Service Requirements & Experience:

  • Familiar with 12 Steps, 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts
  • Must be proficient with computers and website development
  • Two years Sobriety
  • Have a Service Sponsor
  • Demonstrate a commitment to service with prior District 6 experience (GSR, Committee Member, etc.)


  • 2 Years, expires on Dec. 31 of each odd year