Relationship to District:

  • Attend monthly District meetings.
  • Assure that District has a subscription to the Grapevine.
  • Assure the magazine is clearly displayed and available for purchase at meetings.
  • Have subscription cards on hand.
  • Make sure that the groups know when the latest issue has arrived.
  • Make the Grapevine available to the groups, encourage A. A.’s to read, contribute and subscribe to the magazine.
  • Carry the message of recovery through our “Meeting in Print” and by encouraging subscriptions of the Grapevine.
  • Make sure the groups are aware of the special stories that the magazines offer each month, of how the magazines support recovery, and how AA members can write or submit stories.

Recommended service experience:

  • 6 mos. of sobriety
  • Have Service Sponsor


  • 2 Years, expires on Dec. 31 of each odd year