Functions Committee

Relationship to District:

The Primary Mission of the District 6 Functions Committee is to provide sober social events which promote and
enhance a program of recovery. This is accomplished by:

  • Creating a sober social environment to build the fellowship and promote unity.
  • Carrying the message of Alcoholic Anonymous through speakers and fellowship.
  • Providing additional service opportunities for the betterment of our AA community as a whole.

The Functions committee is comprised of a Chairperson, Treasurer and other volunteers. The Chairperson is directly responsible to the District Chair and District Six as a whole and is appointed by the District as a standing committee position.

The Functions Committee Treasurer is appointed by the Committee Chairperson and is responsible to the Chairperson, District Six as a whole and the District Six Treasurer. The various volunteers are responsible to the Chairperson.

All functions are to be proposed to the District at least one month in advance. The proposal should include a complete description of the event, the costs, the venue, the food and all other pertinent information. The GSR’s, DCM’s and District Chair are to inform all the groups of the proposed plan and then vote on the proposed function at the following District meeting. The groups within the District will approve to support or not support the proposed function. Supporting the function constitutes financial and actual support of the event.

Chairperson’s responsibilities:

  • Organize a committee to provide social functions within District Six.
  • Appoint a treasurer to manage and maintain financial records for all functions.
  • Organize a committee and sub committees as needed to handle the details and implementation of all functions.
  • Provide written and oral reports to District Six as to the activities of the Committee.
  • Promote functions attendance throughout District Six and coordinate with CSO to advertise functions to Area 28.
  • Access seed money funds from the District Six Treasurer.
  • Coordinate the exchange of funds with District Six Treasurer regarding seed monies and any profits from functions held.

Treasurer’s responsibilities:

  • To provide written financial reports to the Chairperson and to District Six as to contributions and expenditures of funds.
  • Provide funds to subcommittees as needed to buy supplies for functions, pay deposits and/or vendors as authorized.

Financial responsibilities and authorization for the Functions Committee:

  • District Six will maintain a seed money line item of $750 for use by the Functions committee.
  • Acquiring access to these funds is the responsibility of the Functions Chairperson through the District Six Treasurer.
  • Each function throughout the year will have a Treasurer who will disburse funds for each event to the Committee members.
  • The Functions Treasurer will provide written and oral reports to the Committee Chairperson, the Committee and District Six.
  • Each event will be organized in such a manner as to be self-supporting to the best of its ability.
  • All proceeds from each event will be turned back into District Six at the conclusion of the each event and applied to the seed monies line in the District Six budget but not to exceed the original $750 amount, any surplus will go into the general fund of the District Six budget.
  • Any deficit for each event will be absorbed by District Six. The line item will be restored to its original $500 from monies in the general fund. The manner of this restoration will be by motion made by the Functions Committee Chairperson and approval by the District Six as a whole.
  • All financial reports of this committee will be presented to the District at the end of each event and will become part of the District’s monthly minutes for Distribution throughout the District’s meetings and membership.

Recommended service experience:

  • 6 mos. of sobriety
  • Have Service Sponsor


  • 2 Years, expires on Dec. 31 of each odd year